Anu Vittal started painting at a young age and every time she created a new work her whole world came alive. As she grew older she lost that basic creative side or she says,

“Maybe, I  just shut it down as you tend to get into the professional world and like most of us no longer consider it necessary to use the “right side” of the brain! But I am glad to be one of the lucky few who realize the importance of balancing the right with the left brain.”

anu-with-her-paintingSo about 15 years ago, Anu went back to painting. At first she gathered a small group of artists who just hung around informally in each others homes, restaurants, public parks and created paintings for the love of art. This soon evolved into a more formal group and that’s when Anu decided to take it to the next level. She worked with Kalaniketan in Dubai and they did shows all over the UAE working as a group of artists for the betterment of community. When she moved to Canada she joined the Mississauga Arts Society which is one of the oldest Art groups in Canada and has existed since 1955. Soon she became the President of the group and worked towards creating formal events – like Painting in the Park, exhibits at local hospitals to bring cheer to the patients, Friends of the Library shows to support the libraries and through art  bring people and communities together. In 2010 Anu opened Artescape Anua – a local art gallery that showcased the works for artists all across Canada as well as Internationally and the created events, shows and also exhibited at the Toronto Art Expo, London, Dubai, US and India.

In 2013 October, An Affair with Art was launched to give new meaning to the arts and go a step further and involve all the arts from visual to performance, from food to fashion, from photography to jewellery! Paintings can tell a story but the intention is to extend that further with another dimensions that speaks to the art from every sense of the human mind and soul – An Affair with Art does exactly that!!!

Our Mission

With each endeavor, our  mission is to support the arts globally as we present artists on a unique platform whereby they can showcase their talents to new audiences. We want to create a legacy for our future generations with a collection of such amazing Affairs with Art.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create events in collaboration with artists from every field of the arts – dance, music, performance, poetry, visual, photography, fashion, jewellery and food so that we can bring to you an “An Affair with Art” – an event where you have a true and intimate experience with art. We have always believed in making a difference in the lives of people and would like to use art to create  a connection to a brand or cause whether we are working with a corporation or a charity.


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